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Tiara Infrastructure Limited who believes in the significance of customer satisfaction ,Quality control management and a culture of progressive development within the company. Tiara Infrastructure Limited has a quality policy which is one of total commitment  to getting it right first time every time. In keeping with the fundamentals philosophy of quality management that quality cannot be inspected in but must be built in ,the emphasis of construction control is on achieving specified requirements by effective planning ,preparation and supervision, for a sustainable success in the sector .TIL bases its quality policy on the following values.

  • To provide the most appropriate solution to clients through assessment of their needs and demands and constitution with TIL experience and expertise in project monitoring.
  • To confirm  to every valid standard within the context  of project at the maximum level. Contract agreement conditions country legal arrangements, laws other compulsory  standard and to all ethical rules.
  • The control documents and methods used  to plan and control construction activities are principally.
  • Construction phase of the Project Quality plan identifying  the management structure and quality procedure applicable  to each  project.
  • Overall work programme schedules, representing the timing and sequencing of the work elements .Regular monitoring of  the progress  achieved against planed by  controlled schedules audits.
  • Inspection and  Test  Plans, which identify the key activities ,samples ,documentation and approvals necessary  prior to commencing a particular construction activity. Method Statements used  to translate project requirement in to planed systems of work instruction to project staff and operatives.
  • The project shall implement a system of self-certification by means of inspection ,testing and monitoring controlled by the Engineering staff with verification by the Client where necessary. All material and work shall be subject to interim and final inspection or test to check conformity to specification  prior to final acceptance in accordance with relevant procedures .The records created shall demonstrate the self –certification process.
  • Its  the responsibility of all employees to implement this policy together with their collective and individual responsibilities, Individual responsibilities under this policy are set out in the Quality Plans.